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Carpet Cleaning



Get your carpets looking more like they did when you first got them. Professional carpet cleaning techniques. 



Upholstery Cleaning



Even if they look clean, your chairs and settees can harbour bacteria, dirt, grit and more. Not good for keeping your furniture alive longer! 



Curtain Cleaning



Curtain cleaning is more important than you might think. Safe, regular cleaning helps in lots of ways. 



The 8 Step Process:



Step 1


All small items of furniture moved if possible prior to our arrival (we can help with larger items). Where moving furniture is not possible we can work around it. 


Step 2 

Carpet Surveying. The first step we take is to survey the carpet, to determine what type of fibre it is made of. Based on this we can choose the right cleaning method suitable for you. At the same time we check for stains and advise on treatment and possible results.



Step 3 

Carpets or upholstery are cleaned by using a 
powerful commercial vacuum cleaner from Sebo X5. The Computer Control System optimises performance by ensuring that the brush is always at the correct height. It also protects the machine, for example by shutting down the motor if there is a blockage. Other innovative and practical features include cassette style brush roller removal and an integrated wand for extended reach. The SEBO AUTOMATIC X5 EXTRA ECO features an extended reach hose system for stair cleaning and a wider head for rapid cleaning. The cleaning head is L-shaped to reach under radiators during edge cleaning.  

Step 4 

Any spots or stains are treated using special techniques and procedures.

Step 5

Carpet is sprayed with an eco-friendly prespray, which is left for 5-10 minutes

before agitating so that it is worked thoroughly into the carpet. 

Step 6

Carpet is now agitated using Sebo Duo. Get the best results by agitating in pre-treatments on carpet and rugs. Excellent for rejuvenating flattened carpet pile. Dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes provide effective, thorough and effortless agitation of pre-spray and even dry granule carpet cleaning compound. Brushes spin at 400 RPM, which in our opinion is the perfect speed.

Step 7 

The carpet is now ready for deep hot water extraction cleaning. We are using the Enforcer, the latest and stronghest machine from Ashbys.

Step 8 

Furniture is returned to the room, tin foil is placed under any wooden legs or metal that come into contact with the damp carpet. This is to stop colour transfer.

Polypropylene carpets will be dry within 2 to 4 hours. Wool-based carpet will take

between 4 to 6 hours to dry**. Drying time can be reduced by leaving doors and windows open to increase air flow.


** Drying times can vary as it is dependent on the condition of the carpet and how

much solution is used.

   Paul Cristian Carpet and Upholstery is a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), The NCCA - National Carpet Cleaners Association is the ONLY nationally recognised trade association dedicated to the cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings.

   The NCCA have been setting the standard for the cleaning and care of carpets, soft furnishings for nearly 50 years, so you can be assured when employing our fully trained professionals.

   All NCCA members are professionally trained, fully insured and agree to work to our Code of Practice when they join - this sets them apart from other carpet and upholstery cleaners!

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